ARC will be closed on Monday 25th december and 1 januari.
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  • We repair your iPhone, MacBook, iMac, iPad, ...

  • iPhone display repair

    We replace your iPhone screen while you wait!

  • iPhone battery repair

    iPhone battery replacement while you wait!

  • Authorized iPhone repairs

    Authorized and certified Apple repair center

  • Liquid damage

    ARC can clean your parts with a special developed cleaning

  • Authorized Mac repairs

    Authorized and certified Apple technicians

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    Accessible by car, train and bus.
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iphone display

iPhone display repair

We replace your iPhone screen while you wait

rma request

Repair request

Register your MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, ... repair here

iphone battery

iPhone battery replacement

We replace your iPhone battery while you wait


Liquid damage

ARC can clean your parts with a special developed “cleaning“


Repair status

Check the progress of your repair


Hardware and software maintenance

View our hardware and software maintenance options

repair programs

Apple repair programs

Consult the current repair and exchange programs

warranty check

Warranty check

Check the warranty of your device

loaner device

Loaner device

Rent an iPhone during the repair period

ARC will be closed on Monday 25th december and 1 januari.
Thank you very much for the collaboration the past year. We wish you a happy end of the year and a succesful 2024!
The ARC team

To limit waiting times and -queues at our reception desk;
We kindly, but with persistence, ask you to pre-register your repairs via “Repair Request“.

If possible please send us your repair !
This keeps our reception desk available for urgent repairs.
In doing so, you minimise your and our risks and contribute to the containment of the pandemic.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

What we do

We are an authorized service center located in Dilbeek.
Our certified technicians repair all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, iPods, Macs (MacBook Pro's, iMac's, ...), Apple Watches,
Apple accessories (AirPods, lightning cables, ...) et Beats.
We solve hardware and software problems, covered by Apple warranty or not.
For us, a high quality repair stands for working with original Apple parts.
Our technicians will solve your problem professionally and as fast as possible.
With us you can rely on a fast and effective repair.

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We repair iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple Watch.
Do you have a device with a defect covered by Apple warranty or not? Then ARC is the right partner for your repair.

ARC is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You are ensured of an original Apple part and a professional repair..

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We also take care of your defect Beats by Dr. Dre products.
Let ARC process your repair, covered by Apple warranty or not.

These products will be swapped, not repaired.

What we repair

original parts

Original parts

We are an authorized service center for Belgium and GD Luxembourg. We work with original parts produced by Apple. This way we assure guaranteed quality.

warranty check label


We guarantee 90 days of warranty on the installed part. In case the device has factory warranty, this obviously applies.


Clear status of the repair.

Our system allows you to request the status of the repair at any given time. In this way you can, as a customer, follow the repair process in real-time.

iPhone and Mac tips

find my iphone

Find My iPhone

In order to process your device, the Find My ... function needs to be disabled.

  • Login with your AppleID on icloud.com/find
  • select the correct device from the list
  • click on Remove This Device
  • find my iphone
  • click on Remove
  • enter the AppleID password and click on Remove Device

More information can be found at this site.
Forgot your iCloud password? Go to this site.

Need help ? Call toll-free the AppleCare Helpline 0800 80 407.



We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good backup.
This is crucial to prevent the loss of your data.
A hard drive or SSD is not infallible and can become defective at any moment.

In order to create a backup of your Mac, you only need to connect an empty external hard drive. When you do so, a message will appear asking wether you would like to use this drive as a backup drive. Confirm that you want to use this drive as a backup drive and Time Machine will start the initial backup immediately. Simple and very effective.

More information can be found at this site.

A backup from your iPhone, iPad or iPod can be made by iCloud as well as iTunes.

More information can be found at this site.


Which system do I have?

In order to verify which Mac you own, you can click on the Apple logo on the upper left corner of the screen.
Choose the option "About this Mac".

On an iPhone/iPad/iPod you can find this information by navigating to "Settings" - "General" and "Info".

Here you can find all kinds of information.
For example, you can verify the version of macOS / iOS, the installed storage, wifi,...

Here you can also find the serial number. Using this serial number we can create your repair, we can verify which type of device you own and verify the possible options.

In case of doubt, you can always give us the serial number in order to check the possibilities.

time machine backup

Repair (restore) your device with persistent problems.

If your iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac / Apple Watch responds oddly or behaves peculiarly, then a restore might come to the rescue.
This means that you erase your device completely and install iOS / maOS afterwards.

We advice you to make a backup of your device first.

The restore of your iPhone / iPad / iPod can be done in two ways: using iTunes or on the device itself.
When you use iTunes, you will need the latest version, connect your device on the computer/Mac, click on the iDevice icon on top and click on restore.
On your iDevice you go to "Settings" - "General" - "Restore" - "Restore all content and settings".

Your iDevice will reboot after the restore.

If you have a Mac, you can boot up by pressing Command-R (offline) or Option-Command-R (online) to get into the recovery mode.

More information about this can be found at this site.


Battery problems?

Battery problems can have all sorts of causes, therefor it is interesting to check out a few things.

Always update your device to the newest software, this might solve some battery related problems.

Check all the settings. For example, when the brightness of your display is set to the maximum, the battery will drain a lot faster.
On both Mac and iOS devices you can check whether there is an application which consumes a lot of power.

Charge your device completely and let it drain until it is completely depleted to recharge it all the way to 100%. This will recalibrate your battery.

More information can be found at this site.

Service flow

warranty checkbox


We can guarantee 90 days of warranty on the installed part because we work with original quality parts

When there is still factory warranty, obviously this applies.

If your device is at the end of the warranty period and you have no possibility to visit us in time, we advise you to contact Apple Helpdesk in advance to create a file. This can avoid warranty problems. You can contact Apple helpdesk at 0800 80 407 (dutch) or 0800 80 404 (french).

repair time

Repair time

The average time needed for the repair depends on the type of defect and, if applicable, the moment when we receive the approval of the quote.

We estimate an average of 2 to 5 working days for computers and 2 to 7 working days for iPhones (under normal delivery times of the Apple parts).



For iPhones you need to remove Find My iPhone first before we can start the analysis. For an iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch we advice you to create a backup of the device because all the data will be erased.

The more information (ex. passwords / access code / clear description of the problem,...) we receive, the faster the repair will go.

Remove Find My iPhone.

More about your repair and our service

You are an end user

There are different ways of signing up your device. Using this website you can, by going through the shown steps, sign up your repair very quickly before you bring in your device.
You will receive a confirmation mail when the repair request has been created
You can also bring the device to us and we will sign up the device for you.

When the repair is covered in warranty, you will receive a mail when the repair is done.
When your repair is out of warranty, you will receive a quote by mail. Upon accepting the quote, you will not pay the analysis costs. However, you will pay them when you decide not to have the repair done.

Sign up your repair

You are a dealer

ARC would like to take your needs and wishes into account as much as possible.
In any case we offer you a fast service through an individual webaccount.
We would be pleased to provide you our brochure with specific conditions.

Contact us

Priority options

When you choose for the priority option, the device won't appear in the normal queue.
Our first available technician will process your device immediately, both for analysis and for repair.
This option makes sure you are the first in line and helps you out even faster.



Our technicians will always perform a thorough analysis. This way they can determine the problem and which parts might need to be replaced.
If the device is still under warranty, the repair will be processed immediately without any cost, with the exception of software problems.
If the device is out of warranty, analysis costs will be charged in case you decide not to have the repair done.


Recovery of your data

A small defect on your hard drive can have enormous consequences.
Especially when you don't have any backup, you have a high risk of losing all your data.
In this case we can help you out.

When you hard drive is experiencing problems, we will do everything we can to recuperate your data.
You will receive a quote before we start this process.


We organise the return of your device (this is a paying option).
In case you want to use this service, it is important to pack up the devices in solid, shockproof boxes.
We prefer the original packaging. If you wish we can offer you a box for purchase.


We offer you the possibility to verify on our website the status of your repair at any given time.
This way you can always follow up the repair.

About ARC

Already more than 25 years ARC is active in the informatics technology.
Our core business was and is service to the customer related to his IT hardware.

ARC is an independent service company with an office in Dilbeek and a service point in Liège

ARC stands for Authorized Repair Center. 'Authorized' means that our technicians are certified by and for the constructors with whom we work. They consider the maintenance of their knowledge as 'core'.
Above all, they are passionate about the devices they repair and realize what it means for the customer to miss their beloved device.

Our support functions and our interactive and 'alive' IT-platform support the contact with the customer and the whole process of the device with us.

We always deliver a straightforward feedback related to the status of the repair.

All ARC-employees are committed to our ARC team member code of conduct, where the customer is a top priority.

The values of our code are: 'first-class craftsmanship', 'respect', 'integrity', 'team member', 'lifelong learning' and 'confidentiality and respect for the private environment'.

We are very easily accessible, by train, bus and car.

In case you need help? Please contact us, we would like to help you out.

Hardware and software maintenance

Did your Mac become slow? Is your iPhone battery completely consumed?
Buying a new device is not the only solution, you can choose to upgrade your device at ARC. This is qualitative and yet less expensive.
Check the options below...

SSD installation

Is your current Mac too slow? In this case an upgrade to an SSD is the solution.
An SSD works 5 to 10 times faster than a classic hard drive.
SSD's are not mechanical, this makes them less sensitive for shocks.
This benefits the lifespan.

We can do the SSD upgrade for you and make sure your data is transferred seamlessly.

Ask a quote here.

Add memory

Do you work with a lot of programs simultaneously or with programs that are memory intensive? Is your Mac way slower when you use several programs at the same moment?
Adding extra memory can improve the overall speed when you are using these programs simultaneously.

We can do the upgrade for you.

Ask a quote here.

Replace the battery

Your battery can lose its capacity after some time. Therefor the lifespan can become unpleasantly short.

We can install a new battery for you, so you will experience the usage time of a new device.

Ask a quote here.


We also take care of the maintenance/inspection of your device.
This includes removing dust, verifying malicious software, removing unnecessary boot processes, repair system errors and the necessary basic tests of all components (including memory and hard drive check up).

We can verify your device completely.

Ask a quote here.

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