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ARC will be closed on Monday May the 20th

Apple Store Repair Brussels - ARC

Authorised Apple repair center, our certified technicians repair your iPhone, Mac, ...

iPhone display repair service request

iPhone screen repair

We replace your iPhone screen while you wait

iPhone repair service request

iPhone repair

I want my iPhone fixed

iPhone battery replacement service request

iPhone battery repair

We replace your iPhone battery while you wait

Mac repair request MacBook

MacBook repair

I want to repair my MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

rma Apple repair service request

Apple repair request

Create your MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, ... repair request

Mac repair service request iMac

iMac repair

I want to repair my iMac

Create an Apple repair request

You can easily submit your Apple repair request here. This streamlined process ensures quick and efficient handling of your repair request, so we can get your iPhone, iPad, MacBook back to you as soon as possible.

Our Apple repair request page

View the status of your repair

Use our repair status page to see the progress of your repair, this way you always know the latest status of your repair. You will receive a mail once the repair is complete.

Our repair status page

ARC will be closed on Monday May the 20th

To limit waiting times and -queues at our reception desk; We kindly, but with persistence, ask you to pre-register your repairs via “Repair Request“.
Don't hesitate to contact us.