ARC will be closed on Monday May the 20th
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    We replace your iPhone screen while you wait!

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    iPhone battery replacement while you wait!

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    ARC can clean your parts with a special developed cleaning

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iphone display

iPhone screen repair

We replace your iPhone screen while you wait

rma request

Repair request

Register your MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, ... repair here

iphone battery

iPhone battery repair

We replace your iPhone battery while you wait


Liquid damage

ARC can clean your parts with a special developed “cleaning“


Repair status

Check the progress of your repair


Hardware and software maintenance

View our hardware and software maintenance options

repair programs

Apple repair programs

Consult the current repair and exchange programs

warranty check

Warranty check

Check the warranty of your device

loaner device

Loaner device

Rent an iPhone during the repair period

ARC will be closed on Monday May the 20th

To limit waiting times and -queues at our reception desk;
We kindly, but with persistence, ask you to pre-register your repairs via “Repair Request“.

If possible please send us your repair !
This keeps our reception desk available for urgent repairs.
In doing so, you minimise your and our risks and contribute to the containment of the pandemic.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

Hardware and software maintenance

Did your Mac become slow? Is your iPhone battery completely consumed?
Buying a new device is not the only solution, you can choose to upgrade your device at ARC. This is qualitative and yet less expensive.
Check the options below...

SSD installation

Is your current Mac too slow? In this case an upgrade to an SSD is the solution.
An SSD works 5 to 10 times faster than a classic hard drive.
SSD's are not mechanical, this makes them less sensitive for shocks.
This benefits the lifespan.

We can do the SSD upgrade for you and make sure your data is transferred seamlessly.

Ask a quote here.

Add memory

Do you work with a lot of programs simultaneously or with programs that are memory intensive? Is your Mac way slower when you use several programs at the same moment?
Adding extra memory can improve the overall speed when you are using these programs simultaneously.

We can do the upgrade for you.

Ask a quote here.

Replace the battery

Your battery can lose its capacity after some time. Therefor the lifespan can become unpleasantly short.

We can install a new battery for you, so you will experience the usage time of a new device.

Ask a quote here.


We also take care of the maintenance/inspection of your device.
This includes removing dust, verifying malicious software, removing unnecessary boot processes, repair system errors and the necessary basic tests of all components (including memory and hard drive check up).

We can verify your device completely.

Ask a quote here.

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