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ARC will be closed on Monday May the 20th

Apple Repair & Service

Already more than 25 years ARC is active in the informatics technology. Our core business was and is service to the customer related to his IT hardware.
ARC is an independent service company with an office in Dilbeek and a service point in LiègeARC stands for Authorised Repair Center. 'Authorised' means that our technicians are certified by and for the constructors with whom we work. They consider the maintenance of their knowledge as 'core'.
Above all, they are passionate about the devices they repair and realize what it means for the customer to miss their beloved device.

Our support functions and our interactive and 'alive' IT-platform support the contact with the customer and the whole process of the device with us.
We always deliver a straightforward feedback related to the status of the repair.

All ARC-employees are committed to our ARC team member code of conduct, where the customer is a top priority.
The values of our code are: 'first-class craftsmanship', 'respect', 'integrity', 'team member', 'lifelong learning' and 'confidentiality and respect for the private environment'.

We are very easily accessible, by train, bus and car.

In case you need help? Please contact us, we would like to help you out.