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About Apple repair, warranty & service

Apple Authorised Service Provider

As an Apple Authorised Service Provicer we are approved and recommended by Apple.

As an Apple Service Provider we have Apple Certified Technicians. When you have troubles with our device, we have the right technical knowledge to help you as fast and efficient as possible. Your device will be repaired as fast and competent as possible, so you can use your machine again quickly.

As mentioned before, our technicians are Apple Certified, so you can entrust your device to us and count on a high quality repair or intervention. All Apple hardware is always repaired in our offices, this way we keep our repair time as low as possible (with exception of certain iPhone defects).

Service flow

How much time does a repair take?

When you bring in your Mac, the normal repair time is 2 to 5 working days. But it is important to know that the exact repair time depends on several factors: the moment your devices arrives, the time it takes to verify the problem, the availability of the data / information (like passwords), the delivery period of the Apple parts, the amount of time before the quote gets approved (out of warranty repair). Whether or not you wish that we try to recover your data or create a backup of a possible defect hard drive or SSD, the moment when you pick up your device or it gets sent.
Remove Find My iPhone.

>Your defect iPad or iPod will, normally, be swapped within 3 working days.
The swap time of the defect iPad/iPod also depends on several factors: the moment when we receive your device, the time it take to verify the problem, de availability of data / information (like a passcode or passwords), the delivery period of a new or equivalent to new device (iPad/iPod) in terms of performance and reliability, the amount of time before the quote gets approved (out of warranty), the moment when you pick up your device or it gets sent.
The iPad/iPod cannot be swapped in case we cannot verify the problem!
In case of an inscription on the back it takes approximately 15 working days before the iPad or iPod can be swapped unless you don't want to add the same inscription on the new replacement device.

Important: the 'Find My iPhone' function needs to be disabled in advance!
Remove Find My iPhone.

Other Apple repairs
AirPort (Extreme, Express) & AirPort Time Capsule

Progression of the repair

When you bring in your Mac, iPad or iPhone for repair, we create a file for you.
This file will be created by using several data, like the serial number and your contact details.
A description of the problem will also be written down into this file.

Then the device will go to our technicians which will do their work with it. First, the device will undergo some standard tests. Afterwards, based on the problem description, more specific tests will be ran. A profound and careful analysis is the essential base for a good repair, this maximizes the chance for a long term result and minimizes the risk of missing your device again soon.

Repair in warranty
If your device is still in warranty, we will start the necessary repairs.
You will be notified when your device is ready.

Out of warranty repair
When your device is no longer in warranty, we will make a detailed quote first.
On the quote itself we mention the costs of the parts and working hours which are necessary for the repair.
We will start with the repair once you approve the quote. When you don't agree with the quote, we will charge analysis costs.

Apple ID, password and 'Find My iPhone/iPad'
For almost all repairs we need your password. Sometimes we will ask for your Apple ID. We only use this for the repair. Also very important is the 'Find My iPhone/iPad' function, this needs to be disabled. We cannot continue the repair if this is still enabled.

Programs which are not functioning after the repair

When your hard drive or your SSD exhibits errors and we need to recover/repair the data, it might happen that some of the applications won't work anymore or might not be activated anymore.
That is why it is really important to keep your original installation files, medium with associated activation/product keys, as well as to use your Apple ID to reinstall the purchased software.
Restoring a Time Machine backup is not always the best solution concerning this problem, because the problem cause or consequence is often hidden in this backup.

What happens with the replaced parts?

Normally, official defect parts will be send back to Apple. It does not matter whether or not the repair is covered by Apple warranty or not, and whether or not there is damage.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that Apple distinguishes two price models concerting the parts which need to be replaced: the exchange price and stock price.

The exchange price is the standard price, used when the defective part will be send back to Apple.
The stock price (more expensive) is used when the defective part won't be send back to Apple.

In our quote prices for the repairs out of warranty, we always base ourselves on the exchange prices..

Priority option

When you choose for the priority option, the device won't appear in the common queue. You pay to get the priority on other repairs. Our first available technician will immediately process your device, as well for the analysis as the repair. This option will make sure that we will do everything possible to process your device as fast as possible.
However, we cannot influence the operations at Apple, therefor we cannot give any time indication on possible actions where we are depending on Apple.


Warranty period

Concerning the determination of the warranty repair we need to distinct the private and professional users.

Private users

On international level there is a 1 year warranty on Apple products. Thanks to the 'European Law for Protecting the Consumer' the warranty period in the European Union has been expanded to two years. Beware: this law only applies to private persons who purchase without a VAT-number.
By signing up for AppleCare, the warranty period of a Mac can even go up to three years.

Professional users

Professional users are users like companies, associations, government agencies and educational institutions. For professional purchases a warranty period of 1 year applies.
Ofcourse professional users can sign-up for AppleCare (where the warranty on a Mac can be expanded to three years, two years for an iPad).

AppleCare warranty

The AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac entitles you to up to three years of expert support and additional options for Apple to repair your hardware.
When you have the AppleCare Protection Plan, just pick up the phone to get answers to questions about your Mac, macOS and Apple apps like Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can even have your Apple product repaired on site if you are abroad.
As stipulated in the Belgian Civil Code, the benefits of the AppleCare Protection Plan are in addition to the consumer's right to free repair or replacement by the selling party of goods that do not comply with the purchase contract for up to two years after delivery.
Read more about AppleCare (NL version) or AppleCare (FR version).

Additional Warranty Terms

The warranty on Apple products is only valid for hardware defects.
Consequently, these are not covered by warranty: software problems of any kind, the loss of data, damage as a result of improper use, drop damage, moisture damage and cosmetic damage.
For batteries and other consumable goods there will be a diagnostic test performed first. This in order to determine whether or not the problem is the result of normal wear and tear, or any abnormal defect.
At a repair, you will receive three months of warranty on the replaced part.

Visible damage

In case we notice external damage, the warranty this device expires. Besides, there does not need to be a causible connection between the external damage and the problem which are experienced with the device. The fact that there is visible damage, is more than enough for Apple to decline the warranty anyhow.

Almost all Apple devices contain indicators which indicate whether or not they have been in contact with a fluid substance.
Also in that case the claim for warranty will be declined by Apple.

Cosmetic damage (external traces of wear and tear which are not caused by normal use) won't be covered in warranty.
On the other hand, cosmetic damage is not reason to decline the claim for warranty, in case the claim relates to other problems.


Vintage and obsolete products

Vintage products are those that have not been manufactured for more than 5 and less than 7 years ago. Apple has discontinued hardware service for these products. Learn more about obtaining service for your Apple product after an expired warranty.

In most cases we can replace the hard drive or SSD for these models.
For this, we would advice you to contact us.

Recovery of the data

A small defect on your hard drive can have enormous consequences.
Especially when you don't have any backup, you have a high risk of losing all your data.
In this case we can help you out.

When your hard drive is experiencing problems, we will do everything we can to recover your data.
You will receive a quote before we start this process. Recovering of the data is subject to unpredictable circumstances, therefor the end result is unpredictable. Our technicians will go through all possible options in order to have the most successful result.


We offer the possibility for returning of your device. In case you want to use this service, it is important to pack in the devices in solid, shockproof boxes. We prefer the original packaging. When we notice, upon receiving the signed up device, that the packaging is not good enough, we will send you a quote of a box which is better suited for transporting your device. This box costs €40 (VAT excluded). ARC is not responsible for possible damage on the device which is cause while transporting it to us.