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Liquid damage on your Mac

It happens really fast, coffee, tea or any other substance accidentally falls on your device.
Replacing the damaged parts will immediately cost you a lot.

Fortunately, ARC can clean your parts with a special developed “cleaning“ which will try to save these parts and therefore will try to reduce the costs as much as possible.

It is both ecological and economical beter and the change of recuperating your data is bigger.

This “cleaning“ of your device causes les waste and has a smaller impact on the environment.
What would otherwise be thrown away can now be reused.

Apple liquid repair cost

Cost reduction

By having your device treated with this specially developed cleaning, you will save a lot of costs.
Often a cleaning will solve the problem completely, but in some cases it remains necessary to replace certain parts. In this case the cost price will still be lower due to this cleaning in advance.

Mac liquid data recovery


Nobody wants to lose valuable data. Using this cleaning, in almost all cases, your data on the SSD / hard disk remain intact.

Apple liquid repairtime


It is very important to bring the device to us as soon as possible. The more time it takes to clean the appliance, the smaller the chance of successful cleaning.

Liquid what to do

Steps to take

Turn off the device and remove the power connection and clean the device and place it in a dry place.
Remove the battery (if possible) and turn the device over.
Put the device in a bag and make it as airtight as possible and bring the device to us as soon as possible.

Liquid what not to do

Certainly not to do

Continue to use the device, use rice or try to dry the appliance yourself with the hair dryer.

What does it cost?

Such a cleaning costs €250 (VAT excl.).
ARC obviously can not ensure in advance that no parts will have to be replaced.
This amount is therefore excluding possible costs for parts that, despite the cleaning, no longer work and still have to be replaced. In this case we will prepare a quote for the necessary parts and their placement. You then decide whether you want this to be carried out.

Register the repair

In a hurry and no appointment made?
No problem, we offer you a priority procedure so that we can help you immediately.
A priority costs €80 (VAT excluded)